high baroque instruments



Louis alto in f, a=443Hz The fact that this type can be used with modern instruments along with the possibility of pricing it reasonably has influenced my decision to work on its development. Its tonal characteristics were chosen so as to make for wide usage in old and modern music. Louis Andriessen, who in his piece Sweet has shown what must be available on a recorder, has been the force behind my naming itLouis. The most striking problems were the ones caused by the high pitch. Mensuration cannot be varied at will in recorders. In the case of a high pitch it is the high notes that lose the ease with which they speak while at the same time insisting on modern fingering. Since the recorder, due to its construction, has to be an acoustic compromise the instrument maker is continually challenged to find a compromise which will not disturb the overall structure. With the Louis instrument I have tried to favour the universal playability and still retain the beauty of the sound. Industrially manufactured recorders, made of controversial tropical wood, have the same or even a higher price. The Louis instrument, however, is distinguished by its characteristically undercut finger holes as well as its carefully harmonized voicing.


Louis alto recorder a=443Hz

plumwood: 1300 Euro

boxwood: 1500 Euro